Design Trends for Medical Centres

Designing and building a medical practice is always a unique challenge. This type of premises needs to be highly functional so that staff can work efficiently and respond rapidly to emergencies. But a medical clinic also needs to find an aesthetic balance between professional and comfortable for patients. The layout should reassure people they’re in good hands while also helping them feel as relaxed as possible.

It’s a tough balance to achieve, which is why the HHH team finds building medical centres on the Gold Coast to be one of the most rewarding types of projects we complete. You can see an example of the passion and attention to detail we dedicate to these assignments in the Gold Coast GP Super Clinic. A 2-storey building constructed on a sloping site with secure parking, the Super Clinic consists of medical suites for a number of general practitioners and specialists, a pharmacy, and a community meeting space.

Top Trends in Medical Centre Architecture

Some of the most popular features in medical practice design right now, both on the Gold Coast and around the world, include:

  • Serene interiors to reduce anxiety
  • A ‘home away from home’ aesthetics
  • Noise reduction
  • Maximized natural light
  • Gardens and garden views
  • Casual cafes and lounge areas
  • Multi purpose furniture

The key concerns that HHH consider are sustainability, effectively using smaller spaces, and finding new ways to help people feel comfortable and relaxed. As this industry continues to quickly evolve, we need to adapt and stay one step ahead in order to help our medical centre clients provide the best possible environment for their staff and patients.

Things to Consider When Building a Medical Centre

There are many aspects you need to think about and decisions to make when building (or renovating) a medical practice. Our expert team can help you through this process, but here are the most important questions to ask yourself during the early stages:

  • Have I chosen the most suitable location for my centre? (Consider factors like convenience, surrounding buildings, public transport nearby, visibility, size of the land, and proximity to competitors.)
  • Will the design feel comfortable for my patients? (Profile who your typical patient will be and create a space to suit them.)
  • Can the space handle heavy traffic? (Will patients still have enough personal space and privacy during the busiest times?)
  • Does the layout meet the requirements set out by the council and regulatory bodies? (HHH offers an initial consultation, where critical issues can be raised and concerns addressed.)
  • Is the work space comfortable and functional enough for my staff? (Make sure this area is designed for efficient work flow; including proper storage, noise reduction and security. Providing an ambient and functional work environment for staff is key to productivity and staff retention.)

To speak with us about your planned medical practice and get a quote from our expert architects, please call us on 07 5528 0088.


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