High-Rise Modernisations/Renovations Are Possible (But Not Always Easy!)

Are you a body corporate manager, the owner of an apartment building, or the owner of an individual unit or penthouse in a high-rise?

Have you wished you could renovate or update your property for a while now? Been putting it off because it all seems too hard?

Well, we’re here to tell you that modifications for multi-storey buildings don’t have to be as stressful as you think they are.

Adding executive residents lounges at the top of a high-rise gives everyone a taste of penthouse living.

If You Can Dream It, We Can Do It

Making the most of your roof space is not just sensible, it adds instant value to your property.

The key to a successful high-rise refurbishment is having the right people on the project. You need an architecture and building team that:

  • Are experienced in working on large buildings (not just houses and commercial properties)
  • Know which questions to ask you to visualise the changes you’re hoping for
  • Understands how to turn your vision into a reality.

The most important thing is for both you and us to see the same future for your multi-storey building. That’s the first step to making it happen.

What Your Refurbishment Could Include

If your multi-residential building is looking outdated, or in need of a refresh, there are almost endless refurbishment options for you to choose from. Your desired renovation project may include any (or all!) of the following:

  • Modernising the foyers/lobbies
  • Implementing a new colour scheme throughout the building
  • Improving or extending outdoor areas
  • Expanding or updating the car parking space
  • Introducing new amenities or enhancing existing facilities (e.g. pool, gym, lifts)
  • Refurbishing the lifts or improving the staircases
  • Utilising roof spaces for amenities or extensions
The entrance lobby is a statement of intent – first impressions last!
A killer view from your rooftop terrace. It’s all about lifestyle.

Your property may even have a penthouse that you want to specifically focus on. This might entail a simple décor update, modernisation of the floor plan including spacious open plan living areas through to a complete structural overhaul, incorporating the addition of a rooftop pool and entertainment area encapsulating coastal views.

We won’t lie and tell you that these kinds of refurbishments are cheap – they’re not. Multi-storey buildings often come with unique challenges. But at the end of the day, a contemporary update and aesthetic refresh can provide astonishing value for you as an owner, developer or body corporate manager.

There is no ‘standard formula’ for refurbishing a high-rise apartment or building. It all depends on your existing structure and your aspirations. Whatever you have in mind, the team at HHH Architects can help. Get in touch today for an initial no-obligation chat about your project.

Does your tired pool deck not do the view justice? Let us help you make the most of your assets.

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