At HHH we design to create increased land value with a commercial appreciation of the financial feasibility, buildability and marketability of a property. In the Gold Coast market, HHH Architects have pioneered new urban chic development models moving away from the traditional resort styles towards higher density solutions more often found in cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Singapore.



Creating a home in Australia starts with lifestyle choices. Our great southern land has the best conditions for building luxury homes that connect indoor and outdoor elements to create planned functional and beautiful spaces for urban living.  Residential architecture is about shaping a property into a home that matches a client’s personality and enhances their lifestyle.

With the emergence of numerous new entertainment and hospitality precincts in South East QLD there is an abundance of choice.  Customers are more discerning and aware of their environments. The challenges are to create accessible, generous and inviting spaces for dining and drinking experiences. Designers are as vital to the success of an establishment as the menu offering and service.



Great commercial architecture combines three essential elements. It must be a strong reflection of a brand’s identity, be practical and functional for its intended use and provide customers with an environment that encourages welcoming and positive experiences.  

Education and Child Care

The right architecture can inspire creativity and imagination in the next generation. Education architecture requires thoughtful analysis of teaching pedagogy, practical needs, spatial context, outlook, orientation and above all the physical embodiment of the school ethos and aspirations. 

Health, Aged Care and Retirement

Health, Aged Care and Retirement

When it comes to healthcare and retirement, it’s important for clinics and centres to have a stimulating and nurturing environment. With our vast experience and keen design intuition, the HHH team can help you build or renovate your facility so that it feels more like a home and less like a facility.

WE are moving!!!

After over 20 years on Ferry Rd, we are excited to be moving into our new studio at the end of March 2022.

The office will be officially closed and our phone lines will be down during the days of 30 March, 31 March and 1 April.

For existing clients, consultants and suppliers continue to use our mobile numbers and email as usual, but please bear with us if we are unable to respond right away.

New enquiries, please use the enquiry form on the contact page of our website.

Our new Gold Coast address is: 
8 Pacific Avenue, Miami QLD 4220

Thanks for your patience during our move.

We can’t wait to welcome you all again once we’re all in!

The HHH Team