How Redesigning Can Improve Your Bar’s Efficiency

Do you own or run a bar, hotel, pub or tavern? There’s one thing that all these venues have in common: staffing is expensive!

Finding ways to manage with fewer people is a great way to increase the profitability of your business. So, it makes sense to improve efficiency wherever possible. In this post, we look at how redesigning your bar could be a shortcut to smoother operations and better profits.

Spotting the Problems

Here are some of the common issues that can prevent venues from maximising their efficiency:

  • Two bars in different locations – This might be convenient for customers, but it often requires additional staffing and can also lead to security concerns.
  • Not enough kitchen space – If cooking and food preparation areas aren’t spacious enough, this can slow everything down (especially around meal times).
  • Poor gaming area desig – A good gaming area can be great for profits, but a badly designed gaming space can negatively influence your whole establishment.

BarIdentifying existing issues is the first step to working out what your new layout should look like.

You may think the redesign process itself will cause major disruptions. However, by planning in advance and dividing the work into distinct stages, you can keep things running smoothly during even complex renovations.

What to Aim For

When redesigning your bar, hotel, pub or tavern, aim to create a welcoming space that will make your guests want to stay longer.

Also, try to attract a diverse crowd. To do this, you’ll need to carefully balance your spatial layout to facilitate the industry’s five main income streams:

  • Gaming
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Entertainment
  • Accommodation

Note: If your establishment doesn’t touch on one of these streams (e.g. gaming or accommodation), consider if a redesign could allow for this. Many pubs and taverns overlook accommodation, for instance, because of the extra space and effort required. But there might just be a way for you to provide a boutique experience for overnight guests if you use your space well.

Inspiring Examples

The HHH team have seen clients quadruple their turnovers after a successful renovation – and that’s just for food and beverage sales!

Inspiring ExamplesKingscliff Beach Hotel and Broadbeach Bowls Club are two noteworthy establishments we’ve worked with in the past. With some careful planning (and creative thinking), we were able to improve operational efficiencies and increase the number of covers at both these venues.

Other key hospitality venues we’ve achieved similar improvements for include:

  • Mermaid Tavern
  • D’Arcy Arms
  • Hard Rock Café (Surfers Paradise and Queenstown)
  • Chinderah Tavern
  • Tacking Point Tavern
  • Dry Dock Rd
  • Sails Resort Port Macquarie
  • Rydges Port Macquarie and Zebu Bar & Grill
  • Envy Hotel Broadbeach
  • Coolangatta Sands

Hospitality VenuesIf your establishment isn’t running as efficiently as you’d like or is due for a redesign, please contact us for a quote. Our team has the experience and knowledge of the hospitality industry to create a space that will impress your guests and improve your business operations.

Image credits (Zebu-Rydges): Lindsay Moller Photography

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