Townhouse Development – The way forward for density in suburban areas

HHH architects gold coast your vantage point
Vantage East Townhouse Development (Toowoomba) – 17 duplexes and townhouses

While parts of Australia have land parcels still ripe for development, getting a return on investment is becoming trickier to achieve. Most people would agree that Australia has a large amount of land, however not all is capable of being developed. Providing affordable housing for Australia’s increasing housing demand is becoming increasingly tricky.

HHH Architects Gold Coast villas fraser coast
The Villas, Fraser Cove – 45 townhouses

An innovative approach to town planning has seen the integration of townhouse developments and local commercial centres as a new way to utilise large subdivisions. The positive benefits of this multi-function community approach are:

  • Improved land yields
  • Offers a mix of dwelling types and price points to the market
  • Creates more diverse and vibrant local communities

The townhouse living concept has certainly come of age in recent years, being both an attractive option for investors because of excellent return on investment, and for owner occupiers seeking a simpler lifestyle.

HHH Architects Gold Coast villas fraser coast
Innovative integration of zones encompassing kitchen/dining/living

This housing typology offers the dream of living in a house combined with the conveniences of urban living and low maintenance demands, especially in terms of patio gardens and being part of a community titles scheme, which takes care of cyclic maintenance and repairs. This is also why more and more downsizers are looking to townhouses and villas for their retirement properties.

Our team at HHH Architects Gold Coast has over 40 years’ experience in residential design and construction, including both single and multi-residential housing developments. When designing any project, we focus on the following criteria:

  • Be practical in design and layout
  • Fit in with its surrounds, while still having its own individual features
  • Increase the value of the land and property for the developer
  • Be sustainable and eco friendly
HHH Architects Gold Coast villas fraser coast
The Villas, Fraser Cove – 45 townhouses

HHH Architects take an individual approach to each project. During the conceptual design phase of a townhouse development we discuss in detail our client’s vision, ideas and goals to ensure the architecture suits the concept and purpose for the development, and is high yield to ensure a good ROI.

Listed below are some of our current and recently completed townhouse projects.

  • Careel Close, Helensvale – 50 townhouses in 2 stages
  • Redland Bay – a mixture of 170 mid and low-rise apartments, duplexes and townhouses
  • The Villas, Fraser Cove – 45 townhouses
  • Tian Crescent, Upper Coomera – 41 townhouses in 2 stages
  • Vantage East, Toowoomba – 17 duplexes and townhouses
  • Reserve Rd, Upper Coomera – 250 townhouse masterplan

(*Also click here to view more multi residential projects)

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics the population growth in Australia is one birth every 1 minute and 41 seconds! As the Australian population growth shows no signs of reversing or slowing down, the traditional Australian dream of a freestanding house on a quarter-acre lot will be increasingly difficult for most families to achieve. Therefore, offering a diverse approach to urban design, is one solution to our housing needs in the future.

With this in mind, affordable housing is essential for owner-occupiers and investors alike, and HHH Architects Gold Coast have the knowledge and experience to design suitable multi-residential housing for your development so contact us today to get started – We create value through design!

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