Why Solar Orientation Is So Important for Your House

Why Solar Orientation Is So Important for Your HouseIf you’re looking at buying or building a new house in the near future, solar orientation is something you should be well aware of. An intelligent home design that keeps the sun in mind ensures you can take advantage of the sun’s position all year round. This will benefit your family while living there and even positively influence the property’s value should you decide to sell or turn it into a rental down the track.

Here in Queensland, the ideal house is oriented to the north. Here’s why.

The Benefits of Good Solar Orientation

A north-oriented house makes it easy to shade crucial areas of your home in summer while also allowing the warming rays of sun into the house during winter. This passive heating and cooling reduces your reliance on air conditioners and heaters. Orienting your house to the north can save you money on electricity bills while also minimising your home’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The Disadvantages of Poor Solar Orientation

Depending on your specific location, there is typically a leeway of up to 30 degrees away from true solar north that will still allow you to enjoy the benefits of good orientation. Vary too far from this,though, and you could find yourself facing undesirable circumstances in your home.

Some problems you could potentially run into if your home’s orientation is off include:

  • Too much sun exposure in summer, increasing temperatures in your home
  • Too little sun exposure in winter, keeping your home chilly
  • Too much shade cast on important areas of your home, such as your clothes line or deck.

When building a new house, it’s crucial to do your research into solar orientation. To make sure your home is designed to take advantage of the sun in every season, make sure to consult with architectural experts, such as the team here at HHH Architects. We can help you design a house that will look fantastic while also keeping you comfortable.

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