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Traditional teacher focussed classrooms are a thing of the past as schools prepare their students for the 21st century workforce where life-long learning will be essential. In response to this change in education style, modern trends are moving toward the concept of ‘creative learning spaces’.

Consequently, new educational buildings are being designed to support current pedagogies, with adaptable learning spaces that encompass the following elements:

HHH Architects Gold Coast Emmanuel College Classroom Stage
Presentation “stage” in class room. Magnetic whiteboard walls.
  • Embrace and support current pedagogy and are adaptable to the users’ needs
  • Are technologically enhanced collaborative learning areas?
  • Utilise “green” design concepts to minimise energy usage
  • Include multi-use, easily adaptable furniture
  • Which can be adapted for multiple uses
  • Are designed for presentations
  • Encourage socialisation and enable students to comfortably interact with each other.
HHH Architects Gold Coast bonner bldg emmanuel college gold coast
Emmanuel College, Bonner Building, Collaborative learning areas within the class rooms

At HHH Architects we draw on our innovative and extensive experience in architectural design and construction to create state-of-the-art purpose built educational learning spaces, which adhere to the elements mentioned above.

We carry out a thorough analysis of our client’s needs to ensure that our designs are always in sync with the culture and philosophy of the educational facility. What matters most to the client matters most to HHH Architects; whether that be functionality, green design or creativity – we will work with you to achieve a space that fully supports and meets your needs.

HHH Architects Gold Coast School Project Emmanuel College
The recently completed Stage 1 of the Neville Bonner Building at Emmanuel College has been enthusiastically embraced by students and staff alike.

HHH Architects have successfully completed a wide variety of educational projects, including various primary and secondary schools, plus and a number of childcare centres throughout the region. These projects were designed in response to detailed collaboration with educational staff, who were to be the end users of the project.

Our team at HHH Architects are committed to providing our clients with spaces that fulfil the needs of not only staff, but students and families as well. (Click here to view completed projects that feature in the Educational/Early Learning Sector of our website.)

HHH Architects are passionate about designing functional educational spaces that reflect the latest trends to support current pedagogies; enabling students to achieve positive learning outcomes in a healthy and functional environment.

Contact Us today, so that we can discuss your educational building requirements and design innovative options that meet your criteria.

Credits: Images by Scott Shirley Photography & Thomas Hughes Construction.

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